What Makes Beautiful, Attractive Lips?

Lips define our expressions, speech, how we eat, how we drink and more. As we can see, from the wide variety of movements our lips produce, it is simple to understand how these movements can quickly lead to wrinkles. Many people invest in getting a smile makeover in Rochester or wherever they are located when their teeth start to show signs of aging like misalignment, but when the skin surrounding your mouth starts to display the same, for example, the vertical lines directly above our lips, often referred to as smoker’s lines or lipstick lines, there are hydrating solutions such as Restylane Silk that can help alleviate these wrinkles.

Smoker’s lines are no different than the wrinkles of other areas on our face, being correlated to their range of motion on or around the lips. Typically, we may develop these lines with daily movements of the mouth such as speaking or laughing, or pursing our lips together to sip from straws or bottles. Smoker’s lines, indicative of the term itself, are also heightened in individuals who smoke, however this may not be the sole reason for these wrinkles. With other factors such as aging and genetics, it is a common area for wrinkles we may all come across someday.

Fortunately, dermal fillers such as Restylane Silk are able to smoothen out these lines, producing a hydrated, fresh and natural outcome. This is due to the silk’s composition of hyaluronic acid, which is deviated from our body’s sugar molecules, responsible for the “youthful and tight” appearance of our skin. As we age, we lose the production of collagen, the strength of elasticity in our skin, from decreased production of hyaluronic acid. Dermal fillers administered in the lips are starting to become very popular among a wide range of people, but only after they have found a plastic surgeon that they can trust to administer such treatment. For anyone who would like to try out dermal fillers or would like any other skin treatments to give them that young and fresh look, you should take a look at these Las Vegas skin treatment procedures by Dr. Stephen Miller to find the procedure that is right for them. It is also important to note that you should make sure you are making the right decision when it comes to changing your appearance.

At Esthetic Eyes, we cater to eyes as much as we do to lips (as a “One-Stop-Shop”, under our subsidiary company, Esthetic Enhancements – within the same office!), as they are the second most noticeable facial feature after the eyes. With the same Restylane Silk solution, we are able to provide this perfect silky look, both to the eyes and lips.

What do perfect lips consist of? Slightly tilted upward corners of the lips, a prominent cupid’s bow, vermilion border alignment, enhanced philtral columns, smooth texture, as well as a symmetrical upper and lower lip, with the lower lip being slightly fuller. A few solutions to prevent wrinkles beforehand are simply decreasing movement and motion of the lips, staying away from the sun, drinking from a glass rather than through a straw, and lastly, not smoking.

Overall, silk injections for the lips are a short and simple non-surgical procedure with longstanding results, depending on the patient. The silk texture of the dermal fillers also consist of lidocaine which temporarily numbs the area, causing an even smoother and easier procedure process. For fresh and natural looking results, Restylane Silk has proved to play a significant role for younger, plumper, beautiful, attractive lips!