Voices From Around the World

P.P. from Italy

I am an 18 year old boy from Italy. Because of a pathology from which I was affected since birth, for several years I wore an ocular prosthesis that I was never satisfied with, both from the aesthetic and tolerability (comfort) point of view. I often had pain, secretions and redness in the eye and I had to daily remove the prosthesis before sleep. The prosthesis also did not match my natural eye, from the symmetry to the color of my iris.

One day I decided to look for a solution that could solve my longstanding prosthetic eye problems. After various attempts online to seek out a Doctor to help me, I found Dr. Carole Lewis’ website: “EstheticEyes.com”! Reading further details from her website deepened my respect and understanding of the possible solutions that were available. I read, through Esthetic Eyes state-of-the-art technology, they are able to reproduce, in a very precise way, the color and exact pattern of my iris. I also watched all of  the videos about Esthetic Eyes on Youtube, which helped me even further my understanding about their professional and precise procedure to create a very personalized and unique prosthetic eye.

So, together with my parents, I decided to contact Dr. Carole Lewis and we started to have a series of initial Skype meetings, where we were able to understand all the exact details to the proposed solutions to my prosthetic issues and helped clarify and clear up all doubts and concerns we had.

Dr. Lewis was always available to explain to me, in great detail, their approach to my problem and related similar cases like mine to me for even more clarity. Finally my family and I decided to take the trip to meet Dr. Lewis in Los Angeles at the Esthetic Eyes, Beverly Hills office.

So now, for the very first time in my life, I am able to comfortably wear my prosthetic scleral shell full time! To sleep, then wake up in the morning with it still in place, and to look at myself in the mirror with a restored confidence from this prosthetic, which looks and feels fully natural, makes me very happy! The color, detail of the iris and fit are perfect!

Dr. Lewis and her team were very thoughtful and attentive, and were ready to begin the creation of my new ocular prosthesis right away! The visit lasted 15 days in total. There were several steps in the process to achieve the final solution, which again was handled in the most professional manner, especially in regards to aesthetics and tolerability of the prosthetic eye. Dr. Lewis and her staff are really fantastic and helped a lot during the extent of the entire process and my daily visits. Thanks a lot to the whole team, Carole, Rick, Mark, Anna and all the other people involved during the process of solving this long standing problem.




M.B. from Rancagua, Chile

The consequences of an accident years ago was a blind eye that was becoming more and more painful. For this reason I started looking for a definitive solution and it was when I found Dr. Lewis’ office in Los Angeles, California. I told her about my problem and she quickly agreed to help me. She took my case, we made the first evaluations through Skype, recommended the steps I needed to follow, guided me during the ocular evisceration process and contacting the doctors in Chile, the country I come from, and then following up on the recovery process.

Finally, when I arrived in Los Angeles, California, eight weeks after the surgery in Chile, I was quite impressed with how expediently I was seen, the clarity in answering my questions and the professionalism of the Dr. Lewis and her team. They instilled a feeling of confidence and it was very easy to talk to. Dr. Lewis, who explained everything in a way I could understand and she really cared about my health.

The result was perfect, completely surpassing my expectations.

I couldn’t be more satisfied that I chose Dr. Carole Lewis, B.C.O and her team for my procedure.

Excellent job, very caring and helpful. Great team!




A.B. from Dallas, Texas

I traveled to California Beverly Hills from Dallas to see Dr. Carole Lewis, B.C.O to get my prosthetic eye. My experience started off amazing with Anna, her Office Manager, she helped and guided me with the insurance part to make sure that we had everything in order to start my treatment.  My first day at the office I was so stressed and scared of the unknown. I just had surgery 6 weeks prior for an eye enucleation. We were welcomed with smiles and met all her staff, and Dr. Carole Lewis put all my stress and worries at ease. Thank you to Rick and Mark for their work as well!!! Dr. Carole Lewis is an amazing person, she really cared about my feelings, and most of all, making sure my treatments and eye looked just as natural as my other eye. I am very happy and grateful to her and her staff.





The clinic of Dr. Carole Lewis knew I was desperate for a solution. I couldn’t find what I needed in Israel and started looking for answers elsewhere. Luckily I found a place special and unique that found the solution that I wished for so long: Match the other eye with great color and perfect fit. All this was made possible by Dr. Carole Lewis’ wonderful, unique, patent pending scleral shell and her digital color and adjustments. In my case, the shell was so thin (only 0.5 mm!!)

The new eye also provides me with comfort and the beauty of movement as well. I do not need to worry at all! That was not possible before. I learned that you can sleep with it like the eye is part of the body! This eye is a significant change in quality of life!

Dr. Lewis is an outstanding woman, smart, warm and honest. She didn’t give up until we found the appropriate solution. When I first came to her clinic I was very skeptical of her because I suffered from sight loss and could not believe I found a solution. Today I know that with faith, hard work and mostly correct choices, bring about real change!




A.F. from England

If you are looking for more than a new prosthetic eye look no further than Esthetic Eyes. Carole not only does amazing work she has a good personality and actually cares about her patients, she makes you feel special and valued.

In my life I have had seven prosthetic eyes made and as you know it is an emotional journey to get each one made. You feel vulnerable but also a sense of hope that each one will be better than the last. The specialists that I saw were more like car salesmen selling you the product with no individual care and attention. The bottom line was all they were interested in. All took no longer than a day with very little input from me or explanation from them what they were doing. The whole experience was horrific and the results equally as bad as their bedside manner.

My experience at Esthetic Eyes has been totally different. Each stage of the process was carefully explained to me so I felt it was a two way process. Carole’s favorite saying throughout the two and a half weeks was this is “our eye not mine or yours our eye.” Being a teacher I really enjoyed seeing the process Carole uses it made sense to my logical brain:
1. Feasibility study- this is a see through stent that you are asked to put in your eye to wear overnight. This is used to see if your eye can tolerate wearing a prosthetic piece. Great idea seems very logical and sensible to me. Once you have successfully done this you are then ready for stage two.
2. Carole then asks you to wear a custom made stent that is the shape of your socket so it can help break down any scar tissue and realign your upper and lower lid.
3. Two prototypes were made for me and we adjusted both of them to try and get the best result. Once you chose the best one together you work on that one to perfect it.

At Esthetic Eyes they really care about the individual and will go the extra mile to try and get the best result for the patient. No amount of adjusting is too much for them. I suppose you could say they pursue perfection.

I have to mention their Digital Iris Technology. The colour they achieved for my eye was simply spectacular. It matches my other eye identically. Other occularists hand paint them but out of the seven hand painted prosthetic eyes I have had done none of them have the level of detail that digital Iris technology achieves.

Esthetic Eyes offer a holistic and comprehensive treatment program. Not only do they provide excellent care they recommend drivers to take you around LA so you can make the most of your trip, pick you up from the airport and also provide you with a comprehensive list of accommodation possibilities. Carole is also very well connected and only sends her patients to the most well qualified and trusted surgeons.

Carole is an outstanding practioner who really wants the best for each of her patients. She makes you feel safe, valued and has a great personality which really helps when you are going through an emotionally draining ordeal.

If I could rename the practice I would call it “Excellent Eyes” I cannot recommend it highly enough. Take the plunge come to LA you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Carole you and your team are the best.




O.K. from Beijing, China

I am based in Beijing, China, where I own and run a boutique law firm. I lost my right eye to due to small pox in 1975; I was a year old. I have worn prosthetic eye pieces since 1985. I have been working with Dr. Lewis since my later high school years and more than two decades later, some things have changed, and some things have not. What has changed is the amazing (and patented) technology and performance improvements that Dr. Lewis offers in her practice. What has not changed is Dr. Lewis and her amazing team’s commitment to quality service, warmth in their care of their patients and flexibility in their approach to giving someone a new life. Another thing that hasn’t changed is my commitment to work with her and her only, despite other choices that may exist in the US or abroad. To boot, upon every visit to her office, I regularly meet patients from at least three to four far-flung countries – Zimbabwe, Israel, Australia, and the UK; this speaks volumes. While I am continuously amazed at what Dr. Lewis does, I am never surprised. I know from family history and personal travel that in many parts of the world, losing an eye is just another day: you’ll be bandaged up and left to fend for yourself – Dr. Lewis is the best ally you can have.




A.A. from United Arab Emirates

I was searching for a long time for someone who can make a good shaped artificial eye. I have a very almond shaped eye, and every time I had an eye made, it makes the shape of the eye very round. Also, everytime I talked to an ocularist about my eyelids and the size, they said thats the most you can get.

When I spoke to Dr. Carole Lewis, she saw what I saw, droopy upper lid, lower lid below what it needs to be and the shape is wrong. I came to see Dr. Lewis a month after I had my enucleation, and she put alot of effort and time in making the eye. Her process is different from everyone else, the fit is amazing, the size is amazing and the shape is amazing! The way she fits the eye is helping with reshaping my muscles, and the fact that I have a rehab piece before the final piece helps with selecting the right elements. She actually gave alot of attention to the finest details of the colors, shapes and size.

Personally speaking, Dr. Lewis is very sensitive to those she treats, she listens and observes, unlike any other ocularists that just do it as a job.



A.S. from Australia

Carole’s persistence, perseverance, dedication and patience was astounding. That and her ability to collaborate with the client in achieving a natural, beautiful eye. Carole was sensitive and caring in her approach to an often delicate time in ones life. Carole is passionate about restoring confidence and healing ones self worth. The travel from Australia was well worth the journey. No ocularist I have used in the past has given the time that Carole committed to making the prothesis or gone to the lengths to achieve the outcome that I desired.




My wife Marie underwent an eye evisceration in May 2014 and begun her journey of recovery thereafter

I call it a journey as it had some twists and turns, searching, researching, trials, tribulations, good days, bad days but a never fading hope in the premise of the Best Possible Outcome

That best possible outcome eventually came once we discovered Dr Lewis and her website estheticeyes.com

We were impressed with the visual and written testimonials and scheduled a Skype consultation to determine if Dr Lewis could help Marie

Dr Lewis assured Marie she could assist and we agreed to have a face to face consultation to discuss the digital iris enhancement, non surgical stenting to aid movement, ptosis of the upper lid, time line, cost and outcome expectation

Once we met with Dr Lewis it was apparent from the outset her primary concern, focus and raison detre was to provide Marie with the Best Possible Outcome to allow her to return to her life and become the best that she could be
To achieve the desired outcome Dr Lewis would remove the focus from the obvious issue i.e. her eye or the lack thereof, by creating a prosthetic piece that would look and function in a manner that was virtually indistinguishable from her natural eye

Moreover Dr Lewis views the process of rehabilitation in a holistic manner  i.e. she recommends and organizes any and all other surgeries which benefit the aesthetics  and functionality of the prosthetic piece to mirror the natural eye

Dr Lewis dedicates her whole attention and team to build a piece which mimics your natural eye and takes the time to ensure the piece does just that

The patient and their partners are included in the process 100%, and the final result is built on the specialization, expertise and ability of Dr Lewis and her team as well as the opinion and work of the patient

What Dr Lewis provides to her patients is a wondrous couture process which is open, creative, artistic, scientific and her heart and soul is totally vested in what she does

The results are nothing less than spectacular, amazing, reaffirming and life changing



T.W. from California

“While on patrol as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, I was shot in the face and left for dead, while the Department Chaplain with me was shot and killed. A tragedy beyond belief, and beyond anything I had experienced or could ever have imagined. And one that affects me still today.
As a result, among other complications, I lost my right eye. Following an incident of this magnitude when so much has gone wrong, emotions are fragile and one is overwhelmed by a sense of vulnerability and need. It is precisely at times like this that two qualities are most crucial in the medical professional working with you. What are these qualities?

(1) Expertise; and (2) Kindness. Expertise, of course, is essential. And Doctor Carole Lewis is, without a doubt, the quintessential expert in her field. I would argue, however, that kindness, which includes patience, empathy, and a true concern for others, is of equal importance. Her gentle and caring touch, her compassion and warmth, and her genuine love for her patients, makes her a true angel in every respect. “Angel.” Yes. That about sums her up.”



J.S. from Singapore

“Our experience with Esthetic Eyes has been great. Right from the start when we sent our first enquiry email through to subsequent web consults and in finally deciding to go to U.S., we were convinced of Dr. Lewis’ depth of experience in working with children and wanted our daughter to at least have an opportunity to undergo therapy with Dr. Lewis. Once we made the trip, Dr. Lewis and her team worked tirelessly, putting in weekends and working till after office hours so as to maximize our visit there. The aftercare following our visit has also been great. With technology so advanced these days, Esthetic Eyes is really an email or a Skype call away for follow-up.”



N.K. from England

“The new digital technology is amazing. I receive comments now like,” Really? I could not tell. If you had not pointed it out, I would not have known”. Most who have known about my eye now have forgotten. I feel comfortable enough to look eye to eye with anyone, close up.”



K.Y. from Australia

“Thank you Dr. Lewis – a truly amazing, wonderful woman backed up by fantastic staff who made me the most natural eye I could ever imagine. After enduring painful, mismatched eyes for 28 years, I am overjoyed to finally have a perfect match. The best compliment is people can’t tell which eye anymore. Certainly worth the travel from Australia to find the best in the world. God Bless you… you are truly a miracle worker.”



T.T. from Australia

“My daughter was treated so kindly, with such care and love by Dr. Lewis and Rick, that we could not have asked for anything more. We were in the USA for 17 days, and in this time Dr. Lewis had made her impressions, and created 2 ‘eyes’ for our daughter, so we have a spare one so when we would send her piece back to the US she would still have a “perfect looking eye” in, as the other is being made bigger. The service we received from Dr. Lewis, Rick and the girls in the office was above and beyond anything we could have hoped for our daughter. She loved everyone there, and has plenty of photos to remind her of her “new” friends, that she proudly shows everyone.”



R.M. from Orange County, California

“ A spring adventure worth sharing! Recently I had surgery to replace an extruding intraconal implant and found myself in the unenviable position of facing lower lid surgery to retain a new prosthetic eye. In my first visit with Carole following surgery, she introduced me to her successful lid and socket therapy. And I am so excited to share my adventure. Within two short visits she designed a custom pressure plate stent that I wore 24/7 for one month. To our delight, the therapy created a cul de sac (lower lid)! Another couple of visits and I am now fit with my custom acrylic prosthetic eye. Carole and her staff worked with my schedule to accommodate my distance drive from Orange County. And best of all, my surgeon released me…no additional surgery is required to retain the new piece. I am convinced the pressure plate stent and accompanying socket therapy averted the need for additional lid surgery and I am thrilled!”



L.S. from Texas

“Superb care and amazing work of Dr. Lewis and her team! Over 2 weeks time at Dr. Lewis’s office I got something what I’ve been trying to get for several years! Natural looking eye, motion and feeling beautiful! Finally!! Thank you all so much!”



E.E. from Texas

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to see the beauty in me that I had never seen before.Thank you for working with me to get my eye before my birthday. It really was the perfect birthday present. I just want to say I appreciate everything you and everybody at your office have done for me.”




“I’ve been a patient since age 6 and I can truly say Carole Lewis is an angel. God sent her to us to make our lives better. God bless you and your family.”



J.M. from Florida

“Thank you for being my ocularist, my friend, my mother and my sister in this journey. You touched and changed my life for the better! Thank you for holding my hand and for guiding me with love. Thank you for being you and thank God for you.”



L.K. from Florida

“The color and artwork in my prosthesis is legendary. Thank you for all your hard work.”



B.M. From Florida

“Dr. Lewis, Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You are such a beautiful person and your passion for your work is so inspiring. I am so happy that you come into my life when I really needed you. You have given me back part of myself that I thought I would never get back. I don’t know anyone else who would work as hard as you for someone they just met a week ago, but I am so thankful that you do.”