Prosthetic Eyes and Scleral Shell Prosthesis for Pediatrics

Our extensive artificial eye experience and skill with children makes it one of the most rewarding parts of our practice.

The needs of the family and child (or children) are always our main concern. Our professional and compassionate approach to each individual situation will be introduced to the patient and the family at their first consultation. This is where we start to build the relationship and trust of your child.

Diagnosis: Congenital Anophthalmia

Case History:
Lid and socket therapy for a prosthetic eye started early in infancy to promote soft tissue definition while stimulating bony orbital growth. Patented digital prosthetic eye enhancement technology provided exceptional detail in the dark chocolate colored eyes.

Congenital Anophthalmia

Diagnosis: Congenital Microphthalmos

Case History:
Patient lives out of the country and has been treated in our office since infancy for comprehensive prosthetic eye service. The eye and facial bones were very underdeveloped at birth. Rehabilitative lid and socket therapy (non-surgical approach) gently stimulated bony orbital growth and soft tissue realignment.

Photo 2
Doctors were astonished when infant demonstrated usable vision. This photo shows the first artificial eye incorporating optics ground through the pupil.


Photo 3
Upon entering first grade, while seeing through her scleral shell prosthesis with optics, her facial bones are normal and she is at the top of her class.

scleral shell with optics

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