Ultra Natural Restoration Services

Ultra Natural Restoration Services is an Extraordinary Comprehensive Approach to place the event behind you which includes:

  • Skype Consultation
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan for Digital Artificial Eye
  • Therapy for Prosthetic Eye Movement
  • Photographic and Lab Work
  • Surgery (if needed on prosthetic eye side)
  • Prosthetic Eye Cosmetic Enhancements (Botox, Restylane, Juvederm & Latisse if needed)
  • Artificial Eye Maintenance Kit
  • Special Accommodations
Our Ultra Natural Restoration service is comprised of the following:

1) Skype Consultation
Our Skype Consultation provides the opportunity to examine your condition and discuss your prognosis and potential treatment within the context of your desires and needs. The consultation provides each patient with the opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with our team, while we get to know your individual characteristics and needs.

2) Comprehensive Treatment Plan for Digital Artificial Eye
The comprehensive treatment plan accomplishes three things. First and foremost, it describes the sequence of events that are required to restore the most natural symmetric look that you can obtain. Second, the treatment plan describes the cost of the program, excluding surgery, if required. Third, the treatment plan outlines the time required to obtain a sculpted finished result.

3) Therapy for Prosthetic Eye Movement
Before we can do anything with respect to your custom prosthetic eye, we must first prepare the eye socket and surrounding tissues to accept the finest prosthetic eye. Typically, this involves therapy techniques to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Reduce bands of scar tissues that restrict motion.
  • Harness motion for the new prosthetic eye.
  • soft tissues surrounding the eye for better anatomy and efficient tear physiology.
  • Re-contour and re-suspend eye lids for a natural symmetric look.
  • Oculoplastic Surgical sparing/fitting,™ which is a Proprietary Fitting Technique that overcomes eye socket deficiencies and averts more
    costly surgery.

4) Photographic Studio Workdays
Your photograph is taken on your first visit to our office, in order to capture your unique facial architecture and eye color. It is also the “benchmark” by which we can measure our progress to the finished product.

We have a government approved laboratory on site that performs all custom prosthetic work to exacting standards that meet and exceed government standards. Our laboratory has a patented and completely customized fabrication process for each and every patient.

5) Surgery (if required on prosthetic eye side)
When surgery is necessary to correct eye socket and facial structure problems, we work with the finest of Oculoplastic surgeons in Los Angeles and around the world. Each has a strong reputation and extensive body of experience. These surgeons have worked with our team for some time and we coordinate our schedules to minimize your “down time”. When such surgery is required, we continue to work to further the process and progress, by taking care of such things as touch-up detailing of your custom prosthetic eye.

6) Prosthetic Eye Cosmetic Injections; Enhancing the Natural You
We offer Non-Surgical Liquid Lifts performed by Carole Lewis, B.C.O. These finishing touches soften the natural impression of the face without going under the knife while being affordable. At necessary times, certain areas around the prosthetic eye will need cosmetic services to lift areas of the face to bring out the natural appearance of the prosthetic eye. Botox™ injections, Juvederm™ and Restylane™ fillers will be used in order to achieve the most symmetric expression. With these final enhancements, we want to ensure that our patients leave with a relaxed, rested and refreshed look before heading home. All cosmetic services are performed in our office and are not included in the Comprehensive Treatment Plan.

7) Relaxing Experience in Southern California
As previously stated, our approach is holistic. While we utilize a number of unique processes and procedures, our care does not stop here. We coordinate any required examination and/or surgery with the surgeon to streamline your treatment at our office. We are arranged with a number of Beverly Hills hotels to provide special rates for you and your family while staying with us. These hotels are within walking distance of our office. We organize pick up at the airport with a limousine service, and deliver you to a hotel. We also arrange for the limousine service to take you back to the airport after your treatment with us is complete.

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