Three Essential Products for Prosthesis and Scleral Shell Care

If you have not stepped into our waiting room, then you have not seen our Maintenance Video where Carole Lewis, B.C.O. instructs patients on what products are important to care for the prosthetic eyes and scleral shells. Here are the top three products that we recommend to always have:

1. OCuSoft Eye Wash

This eye wash is recommended to be used daily just as much as you drink water. It flushes any debris from the prosthesis eye and scleral shell. Proper use of this eye wash is dropping the solution into the eye similar to eye drops.

2. OCuSoft Hand Soap
We all know that washing our hands is vital to stray away from bacteria and sickness. Hence, OCuSoft Hand Soap is the perfect soap for your hands when you need to touch any areas around your eye or need to remove your prosthesis or scleral shell. It is a mild soap that contains no oil or perfume found in ordinary hand soaps which can leave residue on the hands and irritate eyes. If you’re simply looking to disinfect your hands between coming into contact with surfaces, a bottle of Hand Sanitizer will likely get the job done too.


Ocu-Glide is a prosthetic eye lubricant. It is a hypo-allergenic lubricant that is used when the prosthesis eye or scleral shell is experiencing dryness and irritation due to weather conditions like gusty winds. This lubricant will help restore moisture and reduce discharge of the prosthesis and scleral shell. Because it is a lubricant, it will last longer than water or saline based solution.
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