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  • The Eiffel Tower Like An Iris Structure

    The Eiffel Tower Like An Iris Structure

    Why Esthetic Eyes? We received this beautiful artwork from a patient which is the view of the Eiffel Tower from the bottom up. If you look closely at the intricate detail of this architectural wonder, you will notice how it resembles the structure of an iris. Through our patented digital iris technology, we are capable […]

  • Prosthetic Eye Details

    Prosthetic Eye Details

    Why Esthetic Eyes? We are unique in duplicating the most intricate, natural eye architecture and iris color available. Our patented digital iris technology requires a full day appointment. Our fine arts computer graphics expert achieves the optimal results through multi-layered technique that reveals each patient’s unique iris architecture and color. This has taken up to […]

  • Patented Digital Iris Prosthetic Eye Technology

    Patented Digital Iris Prosthetic Eye Technology

    We have the most advanced Patented Digital Prosthetic Eye Technology in the world, and only we have it available for patients who need the best and the most natural looking eye(s). Esthetic Eyes technology requires a full day appointment in our photographic work room to obtain these amazing results. As the eyes are the window […]

  • Natural Prosthetic Eye

    Natural Prosthetic Eye – which side? Deborah Falconer Writer/Songwriter Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr.’s former wife is proud to showcase our work, and describe what it’s like wearing a prosthetic eye with a Digitally Enhanced Iris Image made exclusively by EstheticEyes Inc., and what it is like to work with Carole Lewis, B.C.O.