The Final Confidence Builder

One of the most validating aspects of our work at Esthetic Eyes is the positive feedback we receive from our patients. We empathize with their journey and what led them to us. Each story is different, yet equally poignant and personal. Esthetic Eyes works tirelessly to provide a custom-made prosthesis (i.e. prosthetic eye, artificial eye, scleral shell) to ensure each patient leaves 100 percent satisfied, feeling their best self.

We ultimately provide restored self-confidence through Esthetic Enhancements, personalized non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the most natural and balanced facial symmetry. Recently, one of our patients kindly shared her experience, providing her thoughts on the Esthetic Eyes and Esthetic Enhancement process, concluding with an emotional thank you and encouraging stamp of approval.

Watch her story here:

“As a prosthetic patient, I am so pleased on my journey with Carole Lewis and her amazing staff. My journey began with Carole about 3 ½ years ago. I skyped with her from my home. She said she was not sure she could help me, but she would try. I was desperate to get a balanced and uniform look across my eyes, so decided to fly to California for an initial visit.

I had been to other ocularists who did not seem to understand what I was wanting or how to achieve it. Fast forward to today. Now, I have had some fillers added by Carole and am so pleased to say she has brought my prosthetic eye to look uniform and balanced with my God-given eye. That is truly what I wanted, and Carole achieved this. The tissue around the prosthetic eye looks and feels more like a real eye. I equate this whole process to landscaping plants. You first put in your plants bare and without dirt around them and then you begin to pull dirt around the plant. The injectable fillers had brought the tissue around my prosthetic eye to be balanced, uniform, and more lifelike.

Bottom line is if you have concerns about your prosthesis, you should give Carole a call. The entire fitting, making, and balancing of your eye is a total package. I am forever grateful for the total satisfaction and instant gratification for this wonderful process that Esthetic Eyes gives you.”

Esthetic Eyes and Esthetic Enhancements: The Final Confidence Builder