Details of The Eye Are Like A Fingerprint

Eyes are the window to your soul, your identity and a map to your internal system.

Every cell in your body is reflected in the iris.

By studying the color and architecture of an iris you will be able to determine the overall health of your body. Iridology does just this, a reading of your eyes. Iridologists are able to reveal to you precisely where lymphatic stagnation may be within you.

There are 5 main visible parts to your eye, the cornea (the clear bulging surface in front of the eye) scleral shell (what’s know as the white portion visible), the iris (a muscle that opens and closes the pupil with color and texture), the pupil (the center of the eye that dilates and contracts), and the last portion can be looked at best with professional equipment used by an optometrist (eye doctor) – the retina (the back of the eye, seen through an ophthalmoscope).

Your eye doctor will use an ophthalmoscope tool to beam a light into the depths of your eye, and then tune the light until it directly focused on your retina. This pinpointing of your retina helps an optometrist determine your proper lens prescription. Your optometrist may also look closely at the retinas arrangement of blood vessels to detect the first signs of declining brain health, high blood pressure, as well as diabetes. Now, you shouldn’t worry about this, as this is what they have been trained to look for. They haven’t gone through the process of optometry practice sales to make a name for themselves for nothing, and so they will be able to tell you whether you have any other problems regarding your health. This will mean that any course of action that needs to be taken can be done so at the earliest convenience. Your eyes are very important and need to be looked after, this is why if you are constantly working at your computer and they feel painful and dry, you may want to look at getting prescribed glasses from Felix Gray to help combat those issues and protect your eyes further. Interestingly enough, retina identification is also vastly used to identify disease outbreaks within many animals, to verify show cattle, and purebred horses.

DNA determines the color and structure of each individual iris. Each iris formed is as a unique as a snow flake or and individual fingerprint. The development of the iris is called “chaotic morphogenesis,” occurring during fetal development, which (even your two irises don’t match each other). The patterns formed are thought to appear as tissues tighten and fold from a fetus opening and closing its developing eyes.

Here at Esthetic Eyes our advanced computer-graphic process duplicates the most natural eye structure and iris color available. Esthetic Eyes patented digital prosthetic eye technology has been proven for over a decade in our office. With each custom artificial eye, we incorporate traditional hand painting and fine art computer graphics for optimal detail. Our Beverly Hills photographic studio generally requires a full-day appointment with our fine arts computer graphics expert to achieve the finest acrylic prosthetic eye results through a proper multi-layered technique that is unique to our practice.

In October 2018, Carole Lewis will be sharing about this patented digital prosthetic eye technology to all attending Ocularists at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) in Chicago, Illinois.

Here’s a terrific “Intro to Iridology” by Mark James Gordon: