Custom Acrylic Prosthetic Eyes

The most encountered artificial eye is an acrylic prosthetic eye. It is used to replace a natural eye which has been either “enucleated” or “eviscerated.”  These are the medical terms for surgical removal of all or part of a severely damaged, diseased or tumored eye.

Within about 4 to 8 weeks after surgery is the best time to begin custom fitting an artificial prosthetic eye, so our prosthesis can become an integral part of the healing process. This is most desirable because the prosthetic eye will serve to shape, contour, and form the tissues and eyelids back to their best possible anatomical position which, in turn will produce the most natural appearance and natural eye motion.

We start with making an impression of the eye socket to assure proper fit for maximum comfort and motility. After we have determined the proper shape for the artificial eye, the next step is artistic replication of the color of the eye.

We multi-layer both the iris and sclera with our  patented digital technology to replicate intricate personal architectural relief as unique as a fingerprint, snowflake, or butterfly’s wing. This patented technology sets us apart from other ocularists. The fabrication is completed on site in our FDA approved laboratory. Our proprietary fitting and fabricating techniques give superior results in regard to appearance, comfort, and natural eye motion. Our history of expertise in overcoming the limitations of each eye socket, and producing the ideal fit, are factors that make our work internationally renowned.

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