Can I have a successful career in the limelight, or as a performer, with only one good “vision eye”?: Celebrities With Monocular Vision, a Droopy Lid and/or a Prosthetic Eye

Contrary to what some may believe about what it takes, as far as “looks” go, to be in the limelight (as an actor, singer, writer, etc.),  there is an ongoing list of famous people with only one good vision eye, wear a prosthetic eye, or simply have one eye with an unresolved issue, ranked by fame and popularity.

Many of these famous people have already, and continue to, experience a great deal of success and confidence, regardless of the eye issue they may have. Some celebrities choose to wear an eye patch, while others use a glass or acrylic eye replacement. Some famous people undergo surgeries throughout their lives to try to fix their eye/eye sight, while others say that they wouldn’t know what to do in 3D.

Who is the most famous person with one eye? Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke tops the list. Yorke was born with one eye fused shut, and doctors believed that the eye was permanently paralyzed. Yorke has had several surgeries to fix the eye, leaving it a bit droopy, but it has become one of his most recognizable trademarks. One of the surgeries left the musician partially blind in that eye.

Sammy Davis, Jr. is also quite famous for having only one eye. Davis lost the eye in a car accident that left him near death. The incident shook the singer to his core, inciting him to become interested in Judaism.


Actor, director, and producer Forest Whitaker suffers from a hereditary condition known as Ptosis.  Ptosis is a drooping of the upper eyelid. Ptosis is also known as lazy eye. When asked about his eye, Forest doesn’t shy away from the topic at all.  “My eye? It’s a genetic thing. My dad had it and now I have it,” explains Forest. 


Here is Radiohead’s frontman Thom Yorke, who was born with his left eye fused shut, and doctors believed that the eye was paralyzed. He wore an eye patch as a child and has had over five surgeries on his eye.


”Columbo” actor Peter Falk’s right eye was surgically removed when he was three. He wore a fake eye most of his life.


Sammy Davis, Jr. lost his left eye in an automobile accident in 1954. He wore an eye patch for six months, and then a glass eye.


Alice Walker, The Color Purple author, was blinded in her right eye at age 12 after her brother shot her with a BB pellet during a game of “Cowboys and Indians.”


Sportscaster Dick Vitale lost sight in his left eye after having an accident with a pencil when he was in kindergarten.

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