Optical Esthetics


We are not all mirror images of our right and left sides.

Sometimes a pre-surgical discrepancy becomes accentuated

post surgically due to loss of tissue support. This could call

additional attention to the reconstruction.


Within the field of optical esthetics, lenses can be used to

to in effect distort this physical discrepancy to become

less obvious. In this instance, a prism was used to effectively

elevate the appearance of the right eye relative to the left



Using a 5x power prism, the relative appearance of the right eye

(prosthetic) is elevated when the eyeglasses are worn with the

prism. The position is still slightly below the plane of the right eye,

but this was found to be acceptable. A 10x (or power or degree?)

prism was able to fully correct the discrepancy but added significant

bulk to the lens which was obviously visible and had the undesired

effect of drawing more attention to the area. With the cooperation

of the optical technologist a lesser correction was possible with the

5x prism. However, the way prisms work, the further they are anteriorly

from the object the more effective they are. To maximize the

benefit, otherwise unnecessary nose pads were added to

the eyeglasses to move them more anteriorly which elevated

the right eye additionally compared to the position using the

built in nose pads.

Because these metal extensions are visible through each of the lenses,

they have the added benefit of serving as a minor distraction. In this

particular situation the combination of the prism and nose pad

extensions have provided a favorable adjunctive result to the ocular



Carole Lewis, B.C.O.

Esthetic Eyes

Beverly Hills, CA



David Huczneker, A.B.O.C.

Orange Optical Laboratory

Orange, CA